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We are a pizzeria that became a restaurant, we offer options of small plates and kitchen dishes in addition to our menu of Neapolitan-style pizzas and our new Detroit pizza

Corrientes 402
Buenos Aires

W: + 5411 4068 5330

Monday to Sunday from 12 to 16hs and from 19 to 23hs
Juramento esq. Amenábar
Mercado de Belgrano
Buenos Aires

W: + 5411 3211-9706

Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 16hs and from 19 to 23hs
Guatemala 4701
Buenos Aires

W: 11-4195-2117

Tuesday to Sunday, from 20 to 00hs


Our options to eat in each location

The ORNO team is conformed by Renato Peralta, a renowned baker from Peru with more than 20 years of experience in the gastronomic field, who together with Rodrigo Villanueva created a special dough: buns that ferment for 72 hours to achieve a pizza with more alveoli, more digestible, crispier on the outside and softer on the inside. In addition, Juan Orsini, head chef at Casa Cavia for more than five years, adds his kitchen creations to the pizza menu. To pair this proposal, signature cocktails by Flavia Arroyo are served, who proposes reversed Italian classics, and a selection of wines by Mariana Torta.



For four generations, the company "Grimaldi" in Italy, has built ovens to make pizzas respecting the Neapolitan tradition.They are built with traditional techniques and materials such as Sorrento stones, soil, sand, clay and refractory cement. Grimaldi is also characterized by the search for innovation and respect for the environment.



Arrivata is a family company that 25 years ago was a pioneer in making Italian-style cheeses. The plant is located in Pilar, province of Buenos Aires. It is managed by Florence and Martina Coppola. They produce our Fior di Latte cheeses, made of hilated pasta, a process originating in southern Italy. It is a product with no preservatives and high moisture content.


The tomatoes we use in our pizza are 100% natural. Respecting its exact ripening time, we get a final product of excellent quality that is processed and preserved in a natural way. It is harvested during the spring until the first frost of the month of April. The soil for planting is prepared from the month of April with organic waste from the same plant and, in this way, it is used in its entirety.

Olive Oil

Zuelo maintains a strong commitment in all the processes that involve the production of extra virgin olive oil, and ensures the highest quality controls. They have 260 hectares of their own crops in Maipú, Mendoza and Cañada Honda, San Juan, with varieties that, after being processed in mono varietal form, are part of the Zuelo mixtures, looking for the right harvest time and suitable organoleptic profile. As soon as the olives are harvested, they are transferred to their oil mill, where the oil is controlled and extracted naturally, then sent to stainless steel tanks where it decants 10 days.

Zuelo Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen

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